Thursday, 13 October 2016

What's happening in Year 3 this week?

Religious Education

Learning intention: We are learning to understand how Jesus calls us to reach out and help others.
Success criteria: I can recount how the disciples were instructed to take the Good News to others in The Mission of the Twelve.

When reading this text, we have asked ourselves, "How did the disciples reach out to others?"  We have also reflected on times when people have reached out to us.


Learning intention: We are learning to write engaging imaginative texts.
Success criteria: I can make sentence level choices to engage the reader.  

We have read texts that make good use of simple, compound and complex sentences to help the reader visualise and to build up tension.  We've tried to use their strategies in their own writing on pirate themes (we are treasuring our learning this term!)


Learning intention: We are learning to order and describe numbers.
Success criteria: I can:
  • identify numbers that are less than or greater than a number
  • accurately arrange four-digit numbers in order
  • use place value to describe four-digit numbers
Challenges this week included:  Choose a number. Write your own clues to another person to work out what number you have chosen.
  • It is important that students can demonstrate in their clues their understanding of place value in the number

Inquiry Unit

We started our new inquiry, How are our lives shaped by the cycles of earth and space?  We ignited our learning by viewing this video and examining the changes that we saw in the sky.  We are now capturing our understanding of the sunrise in a digital visual presentation such as a slideshow.

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